Should You Hire Professional Movers or Self-Move?

One of the most common questions when you need to move and one of the hardest choices is to decide whether you will hire the furniture movers or you will be moving by yourself. And this is not it. If you choose one of them, it takes a bunch of additional issues and questions. For example, if you decide to move with professional movers you would need to find best price movers, reliable movers, the ones that are experienced and near you and it would be the best if they are referred by someone you know.

In addition, you need to decide if you would like them to be the movers and packers or they will only move your furniture. On the other hand, if you decide to move by yourself, you would need to arrange everything on your own, purchase packing materials, and do the heavy lifting. You can also organize a couple of your friends to help you, but that is not always the best solution, since they are not experienced nor professional. 

We listed just a couple of the issues that will come to your head when you are deciding to move. The moving process is already stressful as it is, therefore we decided to make it a bit easier by presenting the pros and cons for both, if you move with the professionals or you move by yourself. We hope this will be helpful, since this is just one of the issues during the moving process.

Move can be stress free if you organize it right

Compare both options in your head

First, you need to decide what is more important for you. Is it more important for the move to be more convenient or more affordable? If money is the issue, they are a lot of affordable movers that can make your move convenient and affordable. You can see that for yourself if you contact us. But, if you have friends or family members that have some experience in moving, they can also assist free of charge (or for beer and pizza), so this can also be convenient and affordable. First think about these 2 options and which works better for you. Below we are listing all pros and cons so we can make your decision easier.


As a professional moving company, we think that it is always the best option to go with the professionals. For starters, they are experienced, already in this business for a longer time and the move will go as safe and as fast as possible, since that is the mover’s number one priority. The number one problem when hiring professional movers is that you are not sure if the price matches the quality. That is why we always recommend checking the online reviews and referrals from your family or friends. These are some of the pros and cons that were listed by the people who used moving services several times. We are sharing their experience.


  • Professional movers provide fast and efficient service
  • No heavy lifting
  • Your belonging will be safer and with the movers and packers everything will be packed in the best possible way
  • Less chance of damages
  • You are more secured if professional drivers are transporting your belongings
  • Quality packing materials and experience while packing
  • Every moving company provides insurance
  • Less stressful, you can just monitor the process
Professional movers are always here to help


  • You are less flexible
  • Lack of control 
  • More expensive option (in some cases)
  • Possible scammers


Professional movers provide fast and efficient service

As mentioned previously, the professional movers are already experienced and their job is to make your move efficient and safe. They know how to pack everything in a timely manner, how to pack and load everything into the truck fast and safely. Not to mention that they will handle all of your heavy furniture with special care. Best price movers provide excellent service, on top of the great cost that they have. You can always choose to hire only furniture movers and pack by yourself, if you want the move to be cheaper or faster.

No heavy lifting

One of the best things, when you are hiring professionals, is that they will take care of everything. When it comes to heavy lifting, you need to be experienced. Of course, your bulky and strong friends can help you, but even though they have the strength, they do not have correct knowledge on how to lift heavy without hurting themself or your belongings. Lucky for you, the professional movers have additional training in this field in order for everything to be safe for you, them and your belongings.

When you hire a moving company, you can say goodbye to heavy lifting

Your belonging will be safer and with the movers and packers everything will be packed in the best possible way

Moving companies have a lot of experience with all kinds of different moves. It doesn’t matter if it is labor only move or you need packing and moving, they are professionals in everything. This is why we recommend going with the safe option and hiring a moving company, since they will do everything for you.

On top of that, you can always guide or advise them on how you want certain things to be done. Of course, you can pack whatever you want, but bear in mind that professional movers and packers have their own packing material and know how to use it properly in order to maintain everything safe. You can call your best price movers and inquire about their packing services over the phone and ask all of the additional questions. You can contact us, we are always at your service !

Less chance of damages

As already noted, quality movers use their own packing materials and they always choose the best quality for their customers. In addition to that, professional and motivated movers will always put the safety of your belongings as their number one priority.

Therefore, you cannot make a mistake if you choose a moving company in order to protect your belongings. In addition, if something gets damaged by any chance, moving companies have insurance, some of them even suggest 3rd party insurance with a discount. That can be very useful, if you have expensive items or they are of great value to you.

You are more secured if professional drivers are transporting your belongings

We can all agree that everyone can transport the items from one place to another. But, if you are transporting the items that need to be protected, you need to have more experience in that field and you need to be more careful.

Furniture movers always have professional drivers that are in the business for a long time and know exactly how to transport your belongings without damages. Professional packers will pack everything safely in the truck and drivers will make sure that everything remains that at the final destination. 

Packing process is a lot easier when you have professional help

Quality packing materials and experience while packing

When you are in the moving process, you always tend to rush things and try to finish everything at a short notice. Multitasking is the number one skill that everybody uses when they are moving. But this may lead to poor packing and not organizing everything in the boxes, which can prolong the unpacking afterwards.

This is where professional packers come in. You do not need a lot of experience in packing, but you need to know how to pack everything as safely as possible, but also in a timely manner. Since professional packers do this on a daily basis, this is easy for them and they always guarantee quality service. Best price movers offer packers at the same price, so you do not need to worry that it will cost you more. 

Every moving company provides insurance

Yes, all professional moving companies need to have basic insurance. It is a must in the moving business. Not every company can be a professional moving company. That is why you need to do your research before booking a job. As mentioned above, you can always ‘boost’ your insurance by purchasing 3rd party insurance, just in case. If an insurance company is in partnership with the moving company you hire, you can also receive a discount on your purchase, so make sure to ask this while you are inquiring for a quote.  

When you purchase a 3rd party insurance, you don’t have to worry about potential damages

Less stressful, you can just monitor the process

And in the end, maybe the most important thing while you are making a big change in your life. It is really important to be calm and rational, so you will make sure that everything is ready prior to the move. If you hire a moving company, they can do everything for you.

If you are the type of person that likes to have control over everything, we will suggest you to be present on the day of the move and monitor the process, just to make sure that everything is going the way you wished for. If you would like everything to be done without stress on your end, you can just sit down, relax and watch the movers do the thing they are best at.


You are less flexible

If you are looking for best price movers, there is a possibility that you will need to choose a day that is not the best for you. Lower prices are usually on working days, while Friday and Saturday are more costly and overbooked. Sunday is also available, but most people use Sunday for relaxing with their family.

The price is usually lower on Sundays and working days. If price is not your deal-breaker, then you can choose your preferred date. Also, moving companies usually have time frames or arrival windows that they can offer. You can’t always choose the time of the day that you want the movers to arrive. Therefore, you need to have that in mind when booking a job.

Lack of control

When furniture movers arrive, they want to do the move in the way that they used to. They have their organization and have their own manner of packing or moving. A lot of moving companies do not allow the customer to intervene or suggest how something needs to be packed or moved. If you would like to be involved in the process, make sure to ask if it is possible for you to suggest or help the movers while they are working.

mom and daughter packing

More expensive option (in some cases)

This is why we suggest you to call several moving companies and rely on the referred ones. You can receive the same service for a big price difference. It depends on the company. More expensive does not always mean better. A lot of best price movers offer more professional service, than the more expensive ones. If your friend suggested a moving company that is more pricey, make sure that the service meets the price. In the end, the most important thing is that your belongings are transported safely and efficiently. 

Possible scammers

Do your research – this is the first rule when you hire a moving company. Read the reviews, and ask around your friends, neighbors, and family. There are a lot of scammers that are ruining the reputation of quality and professional moving companies. Therefore, be careful when you choose a moving company.

Make sure to hire a reliable moving company

We already noted the benefits of hiring the moving company to pack your belongings as well, but, of course, packing by yourself has its own benefits. For example:

  • Lower cost at the end of the move
  • You will have more control of the whole process
  • There are fewer chances that something will be lost or stolen 
  • DIY packing provides more flexibility and convenience

Lower cost at the end of the move

If the cost is the most important thing to you, then you need to compare the price if you are moving by yourself or with the moving company. If you pack by yourself and transport everything by yourself, the price will be cheaper, of course. Make sure that you are aware of the possible damages or not properly packed items.

If you already have experience in moving or have friends that are experienced in heavy lifting, maybe the best option would be to move by yourself and save some money. If you need only furniture movers, there are a lot of moving companies that offer that service at a low cost. 

You will have more control of the whole process

As mentioned, professional movers usually have their own way of packing and moving. If you would like to have control, you can maybe pack by yourself, but let the movers move and transport the belongings. If you would like to have full control in the process, moving company is not the best choice for you, since every company has its own policies that are limiting your control of the whole process.

There are fewer chances that something will be lost or stolen 

If you pack by yourself, you can make an inventory list of the items in each box and you will remember where you put your items. When it comes to movers, they will not do the same thing. They will try to pack everything in a timely manner, but will not remember all of the items they packed.

There are moving companies (like we already mentioned – scammers)that don’t have their own movers and therefore, they do not have a lot of credibilities. In those rare cases, there is a possibility that something will be stolen. Make sure that you hire a reliable and recommended mover, so you can avoid these incidents. 

Packing can be fun

DIY packing provides more flexibility and convenience

When you pack by yourself, you do not need to rush. You are not obligated to pack everything as quickly as possible. You can pack for days if that is the most convenient for you. However, movers need to do it as quickly as they can, since a lot of companies charge by the hour and customers want everything to be done as soon as possible. That is why we suggest that you pack your belongings prior to the move (or partial pack) in order to make the process more efficient.

The only part we didn’t revise is the cons when you are packing by yourself:

  • It is more time consuming
  • You may not pack everything correctly
  • More possibility of lost or damaged items
  • Heavy lifting

It is more time consuming

When you start packing by yourself, you will find out how many belongings you actually have. And you will be surprised. A lot of those items will bring memories, you would also like to organize everything, label boxes and all of that is time consuming. You can invite friends and arrange a packing party. That way you will have fun and finish everything faster. 

You may not pack everything correctly

There is no wrong way to pack, of course. But there is a safer way to pack in order to keep your belongings safe during the transport. Make sure to double protect everything with plastic wrap or blankets in order to make everything safer. If you have some belongings that are of great value for you (like we all have), make sure to pack them separately, to avoid damage. 

Make sure to double protect everything and be extra careful with fragile items, if you are moving by yourself

More possibility of lost or damaged items

Your couch doesn’t seem that heavy until you try to move it with your friend. You are sure that your table can go through the door easily until you try to do it. All of these things lead to accidents that lead to damage. And that is normal in the moving process. But you do not have insurance if this occurs if you are not using a moving company. If you have several pieces of furniture that need moving, you can hire labor-only movers and they can save you from these troubles.

Heavy lifting

Heavy lifting can be very dangerous if you do not know how to do it properly. It may cause pinched nerve injury in the neck, back, neck, arm or leg injuries. You need to be careful if there are a lot of items that need heavy lifting. If you have friends that are already experienced in this, then you don’t have a problem. Just be careful when it comes to these types of moves.

This was a quick comparison between DIY moving and hiring professional movers. We hope that now you have a bigger picture on both sides and that you will make the best choice for you!

Warm wishes to your new home!