Questions to Ask When Getting a Moving Quote

The only way for you to find the highest quality movers is to inform yourself as much as you can. Call all the chosen moving companies, ask questions, and then compare the answers. If you are not sure what exactly you should know about your professional movers before you hire them, don’t worry. Your guide is here. You will learn what to ask and why exactly is that specific question significant.

Sit down, find a pen and a piece of paper and start dialing

Questions About The Moving Company

Does your company have a license?

Why is this important? When your moving company is licensed, they are legally permitted to operate and provide services in the state. They should have a license number to prove it. If you can’t find it and the operator is not giving you a clear answer about it, run. The probability of you being scammed and having your money stolen is much higher. 

Is your company insured?

It is essential that your packers and movers are insured. Even though they are professionals, mistakes can still happen. If your belongings get damaged during the moving process, for whatever reason, the insurance guarantees you will be compensated for it. 

Sometimes, depending on where you live or work, your building’s landlord can demand proof of insurance before you, or anyone else can even start working. Your local movers should be able to provide you and your landlord, if necessary, with a copy of the insurance.

Your precious belongings are in safe hands with Professional Movers San Francisco

What does the compensation process look like?

Some kind of protocol must be followed before you can receive your compensation. We all know this kind of thing can prolong for weeks or even months, so make sure to check how each company handles this issue. Inform yourself what should be done on your side if you find any damaged items. Should you take a picture of it, to whom to report it, what to do if you later figure out some of your things are missing, etc. 

Ask your relocation specialist to explain the whole process, so if something does happen, you know what you need to do and what to expect later on. 

Are your quality movers trained and experienced? 

Whether you paid for full packers and movers service, or you hired labor only movers, you are leaving everything you own to unfamiliar people. Check out who your moving company employs, so you can move peacefully and stress-free. Did your possible future movers go through professional training and do they have any previous experiences?

At the peak of the moving season, some companies employ seasonal workers. The demand for movers is so high that companies can’t handle the number of clients and work without some extra help. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s still better to know everything ahead of time so you can choose who are your high quality movers. 

Hiring movers will reduce the chances of your fragile items being broken

Questions About the Service

Are you offering whichever service you need?

Well, the only reason you will want to hire certain movers is if they offer the service you need. Apartment movers, office movers, residential movers, commercial movers, or maybe just 2 movers and a truck, whatever it is, make sure to explain it clearly to your relocation specialist. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to move immediately or within a week, this question comes first. You don’t have any time to waste, so asking if they offer same day movers or last minute movers should be on top of your list. This is the fastest way to know which companies to dismiss right from the start, so you can concentrate on finding the right ones.

Can your quality movers handle large and awkwardly shaped items?

If you perhaps own a large piano, grandfather’s clock, heavy statue, or any other big and weird-shaped object, don’t forget to mention it to your relocation specialist when getting a quote. This can affect the service you will need to get and the price for the whole process. 

Some companies offer these special services like piano movers, some don’t and some have partners who can provide it for you. Movers need to go through unique training, so they could successfully move your precious family heirlooms without damaging them. 

Your mother’s favorite instrument deserves to be handled with extra care.

Is it possible to hire your movers for just a partial service?

If you’re on a tight budget, hiring quality movers for just a portion of your move is a great way to get their assistance and still save money. Not every company offers this, so be sure to mention it to your moving operator on the phone. 

Can you do the disassembly and assembly of furniture?

Imagine having your professional movers telling you they can’t move you because your gym equipment isn’t set apart. ON THE MOVING DAY! What a nightmare. Thank heavens you can avoid this. There is no rule that defines who will do this for you and who won’t, you have to ask. 

Your kid’s playground, large closet, gym equipment, cat’s corner, or any other thing that needs to be taken apart, so it could be moved. If you are not sure what else falls under this category, first ask if your movers can do the disassembly of your furniture and if not what you need to take apart before they come. The relocation specialist will tell you everything. 

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Will your movers make a quality inventory list?

Making an inventory list is a great way for you to track all your items. Labeling the content on every box and listing all your belongings will make the whole unpacking process much easier. You can do this yourself, but reliable, high quality movers should be able to provide you with this service too. 

If you suspect that something has been stolen, an inventory list will serve as your primary proof.

Is there anything you won’t move?

YES! Don’t forget to ask this question. Different companies might have different rules, but here is a list of the few things your local movers won’t move.

  • Chemicals of any kind
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fireworks
  • Guns and ammunition
  • Food
  • Plants
  • Important documents
  • Matches
Your pets are riding with you!

Do you offer shipment tracking?

Unfortunately, not a lot of moving companies offer this service, but you lose nothing if you ask. This is a way for you to track where your belongings are, in real-time. Shipment tracking can range from using GPS on the company’s website to just calling the company and asking for an update. This should not be a deal-breaker, but it can help you relax throughout a long transfer.

Are storage units an option?

Sometimes your moving out and moving in dates won’t be coordinated, or you have to downsize the number of things you have. Storage units are here to save the day. Our website description says it best:

“Your goods will be placed in custom wooden crates, safe from burglars, atrocious weather opportunities, and all other misfortunate events. 

There are no time limits; you can keep your goods with us for as long as needed. 

Our security system is on-site 24/7, overseeing your possessions. 

Our containers are maintained on a daily basis. 

We also have a regular inventory check, to make sure all the items are in order.”

Your belongings will be safely kept until you need them again.

Questions About the Cost

How do you charge?

Whatever your budget is, knowing how each moving company charges is absolutely essential. These are the most common methods you’ll run into:

  • Based on how much all your belonging weight
  • Based on the moving distance
  • Hourly charging
  • Based on the moving season (Low demand=lower price / high demand=higher price)


  • If a moving company gives you an estimate for your move, make sure to ask if it’s binding. Some shady companies will use a low price to lure you and then if the estimate is not binding, raise it on the moving day. It will be too late to cancel and you will end up draining your budget.

What does the price include?

This is where you must pay close attention. Begin by asking your affordable movers for a checklist of what they charge, and if they can’t provide it right away, or via email later, ask even more questions.

  • Will you bring the packing equipment and tools and do you charge them?
  • Do you charge for the disassembly and assembly of furniture?
  • Is there an extra charge for stairs?
  • Will you charge extra for moving heavy and awkward objects?
  • Are attic, garages, sheds, and basements included in the estimated price?
  • Does the number of floors affect the price?
  • What if your movers are late, or the moving truck gets stuck in traffic?

Whatever you can think of, it’s better to confirm it with your relocation specialist, than to cry later over your empty wallet.

Asking questions is essential for finding high quality movers, and don’t forget to write all the answers!

Can any extra charges appear?

In other words, does your company have any hidden fees? This is how moving companies can raise your full packers and movers’ service price. These kinds of things are buried in tons of paperwork, written in small letters, but will clearly appear on your large bill. Make sure to be as detailed as possible with the previous question in order to avoid unexpected charges.

If a moving company has hidden fees, you probably won’t get a clear answer from your relocation specialist either. Reading customer reviews will be crucial for this. Don’t let one or two bad reviews be your deal-breaker, but do pay close attention if hidden fees are mentioned. 

What are the payment options?

It is always better to know ahead of time what your payment options are. Some quality movers are fine with credit cards and checks and some might be accepting just cash. Ask your relocation specialist to inform you on time, so you are ready when the bill comes. 

Do you prefer cash or cards?

Cancelation policy? 

Maybe you just decide to stay where you are, or that new job is not an option anymore. Who knows what can happen? Find out what choices you’ll have if it turns out you need to cancel your move.

If you cancel far enough ahead of time, or if you are lucky, even a few days before the move, your professional movers might let you off the hook free of charge. Most, on the other hand, will keep all or part of your deposit and there may even be additional cancellation fees.

Before you sign any contracts, always ask for details about the cancellation policy of your moving company!

Do you offer any discounts? 

Last but certainly not least, discounts. Who doesn’t love them? In reality, discounts are not so common in the moving industry, but yet again, you lose nothing if you ask. Some, new on the market, but great quality movers may offer discounts and promotion packages in order to attract more customers. Who wouldn’t want to be their guinea pig? You never know, maybe military or senior discounts are available throughout the whole moving season, all you need to do is ask.

Every hard-earned dollar is important!

A printable list of all the questions is here. If you want to know more, our relocation specialists are here for you. Call Professional Movers San Francisco, and find out how one reliable moving company works. You can also email us or get a free quote on our website. Have a beautiful day today and best of luck in finding your great quality movers.