We can make your packing headaches disappear with our exceptional packing crews.

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We can make your packing headaches disappear with our exceptional packing crews.

The worst moving-related task known to mankind - packing is unfortunately an unavoidable part of your move.

Packing should be something you never do alone, because why would you want to? No - packing is not calming. Packing is not exciting or fun in any shape or form. Yet, our packers and movers somehow love it.

What we excel here at Professional San Francisco Movers is getting your items from point A to point B without a single scratch. But what happens when we don’t have a point B?

We make our job at point A count for both - that’s what we do.

Where can I purchase supplies?

We at Professional San Francisco Movers provide our clients with two options - using our supplies or using your own, depending on which option you prefer or find less costly.

When you’ve made the decision to purchase the packing supplies, you need to know where to look. Online, you can find tons of affordable supplies and amazing deals, check Amazon for example. If you are looking for something more hands on, look around! Your local businesses surely have some supplies to spare. Your local grocery store for example, book store, liquor store - you name it! There are endless options for supplies when you look hard enough. Simply ask if they might have some leftover boxes and/or other supplies that you can use during your move. Do keep in mind that worn boxes are prone to breakage!

You can also purchase your supplies directly from us. This means that our movers will arrive on the day of your packing project, bring all the needed supplies and start packing up. The guys will bring more supplies than you could possibly need, but you will only be charged for the ones they use of course. We can provide you with detailed pricing on our supplies. They are the best form of protection for your items as they are moving supplies that have not been used.

What supplies do I need?

It is quite individual what you would need for the process of packing up your home. However, there are some specifics you should go over before going shopping.

Boxes - small, medium, large, XL

The bigger the box, the lighter the contents. For heavy items and breakables - one small box or medium for bulkier items, should be more than enough. Make sure to purchase a few more boxes than you’ve calculated that you will be needing, you don’t want to waste time with another trip to the hardware store!

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap definitely deserves the rave it gets. Along with boxes, bubble wrap will be your best friend, especially when breakables come into play. Everything that you have the slightest concerns for, just slap some bubble wrap on it and you are read to go!

Dish packs

If you have a lot of china, or just want a safe way to have your dishes and glasses boxes up - dish packs are the way to go. Not only is it safer to pack them in boxes designed for packing them, but it is much easier and quicker to do so as well. Our local packers will make sure your dishes are safe and sound once you arrive at the destination!

Wardrobe Boxes

Often wishing I can bring some on vacation - wardrobe boxes are the hack of the century. Wardrobe boxes are cardboard dressers basically, that are an easy way to transport your hanging clothes so you don’t have to pack your clothing into bags or boxes. Having some wardrobe boxes for your packing project will make everything a lot easier.

Mattress Covers

You sleep on your mattress, meaning that you probably want it clean during and after your move as well. Make sure to purchase a mattress cover before your local packers arrive, it’s a simple thing that can significantly improve the quality of your move. If you don’t have a cover, you can simply wrap it generously in order to keep it protected and clean during the entire move.


San Francisco Packers

We at Professional San Francisco Movers know exactly how to ensure the safety of your items. You name it - we’ve packed it! We want to make sure you can rely on us to help you gather your items and pack them for your upcoming move. We can provide you with a personalized packing experience according to your needs, just let us know how you want it to be done! From your inventory, to actually sealing the boxes once everything is done, you won’t have to do anything once our local packers arrive.


Give us a call for a free moving quote! Our moving specialists will provide you with detailed information on our packing services and a detailed moving quote. You can also request a quote online and our moving specialists will get back to you!

You can give us a call for a free moving quote today! Provide us with the details of your upcoming local move and our relocation specialists will create an extensive moving plan just for you.


Feel free to reach out to us online for a quote as well - our representatives will provide you with a detailed quote within 24 hours. Making your local move easy is what we excel in.

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