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Moving to a different part of town sometimes needs a lot of work, no matter the fact that you might be doing a local move. While a large distance between your origin and destination address can add some stress to your move, even moving next door can often feel too overwhelming. In this situation, it might be best to look for the best local movers San Francisco has to offer.

Packing on your own -

benefits and drawbacks

When packing on your own, there is a lot more planning involved than having professional help. You need to sit down and figure out what your priorities are when it comes to your move so you can make the right decision. Based on your moving needs, you are looking for a San Francisco local mover that offers:


1. It’s cheaper to pack on your own, you will be saving a lot of money by taking the matter into your own hands.

2. You can set the pace, meaning that you can take your time with the project as long as you want.

3. Having control of the entire process and packing as you want everything to be packed.


1. Be aware of the many back and forths between your home and hardware store. You will need supplies and tools, and the only person in charge - is you.

2. You might not be packing correctly - this can lead to damage during your move due to contents shifting inside your boxes or breakage of your boxes.

3. It can take weeks to actually pack everything, taking away a lot of precious time in your old home and, well, life.

Packing with professionals -

benefits and drawbacks

Having professional movers and packers take care of everything for you is the only way you can actually make the process of packing “disappear”. What this means is that you will receive an end to end service. The packers and movers will arrive, grab the supplies and start packing. Then they will proceed with moving your larger items, and finish the day by helping you unpack. Doesn’t that sound amazing?


1. No planning is required when you have professional packing and moving help. This means that you can focus on getting everything ready for the new chapter of your life without having to worry about the heavy lifting - or tedious packing.

2. A safe, damage-free move is something everyone strives for when relocating. With professional movers and packers you know everything will be packed perfectly.

3. Professional inventory will be done for you, so you can easily track your belongings and boxes during every part of the move.


1. If you are a person that values privacy, hiring professional packers might not be for you. They would have to go through your belongings in order to pack them, which might cause even more stress on your end.

2. Packing with professionals can lead to your move being much longer than you’ve expected it to be. If you want to avoid hurting your budget, maybe opt for self-packing.

One day or two days?

One of the biggest questions, especially if you are moving from a larger home, is whether you should have the move itself done in one or two days.

First of all - you need to be realistic on the size of your move. Moving a 3 bedroom home and a studio apartment is definitely not the same experience. And when you add packing into the equation - two different stories.

For studios and 1 bedroom places, packing and moving in 1 day is reasonable and most importantly - doable. Packing up these small spaces shouldn’t slow down your local movers, and you will receive a full service that is also efficient. Two bedroom places can either be small two bedrooms, or huge two bedroom places. Depending on which category your home falls in, packing and moving in one day is less suitable for higher square footage. While our local movers and packers are confident in their skills and are able to complete your full service move in one day - this is where efficiency comes into the equation.

Having a smaller, fresh crew of movers in two days means that they will be working more efficiently, so you are saving money. They won’t be tired from packing or losing concentration, you will have well rested movers in multiple days tackling smaller portions of your move.

With 3,4 or more bedrooms, you should consider having packers and movers for at least two days as you might not finish the entire move completely in one day. Packing these spaces might or might not take longer than average, which is why we want to be prepared for every scenario. If we do end up finishing in one day, which is quite common - even better!


Feel free to give us a call for a free moving quote! We will provide you with all the needed information for your upcoming move, and our packers and movers are more than happy to get you home! Request it online and someone will get back to you in no time with a detailed moving quote!

You can give us a call for a free moving quote today! Provide us with the details of your upcoming local move and our relocation specialists will create an extensive moving plan just for you.


Feel free to reach out to us online for a quote as well - our representatives will provide you with a detailed quote within 24 hours. Making your local move easy is what we excel in.

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