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If you are looking for San Francisco without the city bustle and horrific traffic, San Mateo is the place to be. With more and more people moving out of the city looking for lower rents and higher quality of life, San Mateo has started to rapidly grow in the past few years. The close proximity to the beach, easy access to anywhere in the city, amazing schools and abundant job opportunities will make your move to San Mateo more than worth it. There are so many perks this city can offer you, whether it is something more family or career oriented – you are bound to find it in the beautiful San Mateo.


Reasons to move to San Mateo:


You are looking for easy access to the city.


By living in San Mateo, you are about 30 minutes away from San Jose and San Francisco, so you really do have a lot more options and opportunities while avoiding the noisy, hectic city life that comes with a high price tag. What San Mateo offers is a central location by Interstate 280, Highway 101 and Highway 92, which will really make your life that much easier.


You love spending time in nature.


Even though you are closely located to the major cities of the Bay Area, you still have access to the outdoors and the beautiful nature San Mateo has to offer. Coyote Point and the Sawyer Camp Trail are the community favorites for a weekend escape in nature, which is a perk you will love taking advantage of when you decide to call San Mateo home.


You want an excellent education for your children.


Who doesn’t? You obviously want the best for yourself, and your kids – and by moving here, you are doing just that. San Mateo has one of the best schools in the area, and by being in the heart of the tech industry, you won’t have to worry about the education your kids will receive. There is a lot of room for educational growth in San Mateo, which is why this is currently the place to be.


You are looking for a family friendly city.


San Mateo offers tons of amenities geared towards families and children, and with the massive growth it has received – it is becoming the place of many interesting additions. Laurelwood park is loved by the children of San Mateo, along with CuriOdyssey.

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