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Oakland has received massive growth over the years, and reasonably so. This San Francisco neighboring city has been the perfect home to many young professionals, art enthusiasts and families that are looking for easy access to the city. In fact, you might have easier access to some parts of San Francisco from Oakland than San Francisco itself. Not only will you be receiving a lot more for your money by choosing to live in Oakland, but you will have a lot of opportunities ready for you as soon as you make the move.

Reasons to move to Oakland:


1. You are looking for a job in tech and media.

Oakland is the perfect city to relocate to if you are looking to build a career in the tech or media industry. Pandora and Pixar are only one of the few major employers that call Oakland home. You will find yourself in the midst of hundreds of job opportunities for you to choose from, and even if you need to commute to a different city for work, Oakland offers easy access to everywhere you need to be.

2. You are looking for more affordable housing.

With the prices skyrocketing in San Francisco every year, more and more people are looking for more affordable housing options in the Bay Area while remaining in the middle of the hustle and bustle. Oakland offers just that. While living in Oakland is far from cheap, you will definitely find more reasonably priced options whether you are a renter or a buyer.

3. You are looking for easy access to the city.

As previously mentioned, one of the best perks of being a resident of Oakland is the immaculate access to the heart of the city. No matter where you need to be, you are only one train ride away. This is what makes Oakland the perfect place to move to, so what are you waiting for?

4. You actually want to use your car.

Most major cities are known for being the worst places to own and drive your car due to expensive or non-existent parking. This is also the case in San Francisco. Oakland however, offers abundant parking spaces and actually enables you to use your car and actually enjoy the drive.

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