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Danville has been praised often as one of the safest cities in America, making it one of the best places to move to with your family. Not only that, but Danville offers the small town charm you only see in movies and tv shows, making it truly appealing for everyone looking to relocate to the Bay Area. If you are wondering whether you should make the move or not, feel free to keep reading.

Reasons to move to Danville:


1. You are looking for constant entertainment.

Living in Danville, you will rarely find yourself wondering what to do. With abundant restaurants, bars, coffee shops and shopping opportunities, you will always have something to keep you busy.

2. You value safety over anything.

Especially if you are wondering whether you should make the move with your kids or not, you probably value safety more than anything when choosing your new neighborhood. Thankfully, Danville is considered to be one of the safest cities in the nation, making the decision quite easy for you.

3. You are looking for an excellent education for your children.

Danville offers some of the best public schools in California, meaning that your children will always receive exceptional education and you won’t have to worry when sending them to school. The diversity Danville offers will help you ease your mind knowing your children will get to know and experience many different cultures. You will also have some of the best opportunities right outside your doorstep.

4. You are looking for a small town feel.

The small town charm you see on tv is more than realistic when looking to move to Danville. Living here is quite peaceful and quaint, your neighbors are bound to be nice and friendly, and you won’t have much trouble fitting in. Moving to Danville is truly a no-brainer.

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