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Famous for its food and coffee scene, Berkeley is one of the most diverse cities in the Bay Area, with many different reasons to call home. You won’t ever want to leave once you truly experience how exciting this city can be. With many distinct neighborhoods scattered around the city, you can find a home at your price point easily. The amazing education options here are quite obvious, and are only one of the many perks of living right here in Berkeley.

Reasons to move to Berkeley:


1.You are a bookworm.

Bookstore galore is what will be waiting for you once you settle down in the beautiful city of Berkeley. Locally owned bookstores are scattered around the entire city, with so many different options to choose from that you couldn’t possibly experience them all. You will find most residents always carrying a book everywhere they go!

2.You are looking for a vibrant arts scene.

The thriving arts scene of Berkeley is truly one of a kind, and your senses will be thrilled by living here. If you are an artistic soul yourself, you won’t experience a lot of trouble in finding a place to further your knowledge or even become a part of the artistic experience yourself. Whether it is film, theater, music or visual arts you are most interested in, every day you will find something new to explore and lose yourself in.

3. You want to have fun.

If you are experiencing boredom while living in Berkeley, then you are probably doing something wrong. With a huge percentage of young people living here, you will find a lot of bars, restaurants and coffee shops to experience and test your senses in. With Berkeley’s diverse food scene, you can basically order something different every day and never get the chance to experience everything there is.

4. You are looking for diversity.

You will find people from every part of the globe when living in Berkeley, and that is truly exciting for people that love experiencing diversity and acceptance everywhere they go. With so many educated individuals living here, you are always bound to learn something new and each day can become a different experience for yourself as well.

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