Local moves are usually considered to be within a 100 mile radius.

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Local moves are usually considered to be within a 100 mile radius.

Moving to a different part of town sometimes needs a lot of work, no matter the fact that you might be doing a local move. While a large distance between your origin and destination address can add some stress to your move, even moving next door can often feel too overwhelming. In this situation, it might be best to look for the best local movers San Francisco has to offer.


to start?

You’ve found the perfect home - not too far from your old neighborhood. It might be closer to your job, or offer better schools for your children to attend. No matter the reason you might be switching your day-to-day, you will probably need professional local movers to turn your move into a successful project. Start by researching different local moving companies in San Francisco, compare their pricing and services and land on the best crew to handle your move.

Based on your moving needs, you are looking for a San Francisco local mover that offers:

  • The services you are looking for (residential, commercial, storage services)

  • Excellent customer service

  • A good reputation

  • Customer testimonials

  • Is fully licensed, insured and bonded

  • No hidden fees

Hidden Fees

Hidden fees are extremely important to look out for, because this can drastically change your moving experience - and hurt your budget. Professional San Francisco Movers offers a local moving service with all-inclusive hourly rates, and most importantly, no hidden fees!

When you hire a local mover that isn’t very clear on what they are charging, you might end up having to pay for different things you unfortunately didn’t even know you were signing up for. To avoid these situations, hire a local moving company your community raves about.

Trained Professionals

Each member of our team at Professional San Francisco Movers is background checked, vetted and trained to tackle every type of local moving and turn it into a success. Our movers are strictly our own employees, along with our modern moving equipment. We provide our clients with new, clean and sanitized moving vehicles, along with the best tools, equipment and supplies to turn every local moving project into a happy experience for our customers. As we always say - the customer is always right.

Moving Plan

When you hire a reliable local moving company like Professional Movers San Francisco, you will actually receive a team of professional moving consultants that will be more than happy to assist with planning your entire local move in detail. Our relocation specialists are at your disposal before, during and after your move for any questions or concerns that you might be having.

Our movers won’t just show up for your move with tools and call it a day. We will make a detailed moving plan for you, making sure that your needs are completely met and that there are no unexpected turns of events on the day our team shows up. The movers at Professional Movers San Francisco are always prepared for every moving scenario, as they’ve most likely seen them all already.


Do you have a minimum?

Yes. At Professional San Francisco Movers, you can expect a 3 hour minimum charge. After that, we prorate time into 15 minute increments. As we offer all-inclusive hourly rates, the 3 hour minimum is a non-negotiable policy of Professional Movers San Francisco.

How many movers do I need?

It is very individual on the number of movers you might need for your local move. It depends on the size and volume of the project, heavy items, presence of stairs and other factors that might make your move more difficult. It is best to give us a call for a free quote so we can provide you with all the needed information!

Do you move plants?

Yes, and no. We avoid moving plants due to liability reasons, as there is no way of effectively “wrapping or padding” your plants so they are protected in transit. We advise our customers to move their plants on their own. However, we can place them onto the truck if you decide it might be easier to have us move them for you.

Will movers disassemble my bed?

Professional Movers San Francisco offers disassembly and reassembly services included in our hourly rates. We also bring the tools and equipment needed to complete your move successfully. Our local movers will be more than happy to help with any heavy moving tasks on your behalf - and we are one phone call away!

You can give us a call for a free moving quote today! Provide us with the details of your upcoming local move and our relocation specialists will create an extensive moving plan just for you.


Feel free to reach out to us online for a quote as well - our representatives will provide you with a detailed quote within 24 hours. Making your local move easy is what we excel in.

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